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Doctor Who-Spin-Off mit neuer Staffel

verfasst von Detlef Kurtz
am 21. Februar 2024 um 09:15

Das Hörspiel-Spinoff "Master", aus dem Doctor Who-Universum, geht in die dritte Staffel.
Der britische Hörspiel- und Hörbuchverlag Big Finish bringt eine weitere Staffel von "Master". Die Spin-Off-Serie mit Eric Roberts und Chase Masterson wird um drei neue Folgen in einer Box erweitert. Die neue Staffel ist auf CD und als Download direkt beim Verlag zu bekommen. Wer die CD kauft, bekommt nach Bezahlung sofort Zugriff auf die mp3 und braucht nicht auf die Lieferung der CDs zu warten.


The British radio play and audio book Publisher Big Finish is bringing another Season of “Master”. The Spin-off-Series from the Doctor Who-Universe with Eric Roberts and Chase Masterson is being expanded with three new episodes in one box. The new season is available on CD and as a download directly from the Publisher. Anyone who buys the CD gets immediate access to the mp3 after paying and does not have to wait for the CDs to be delivered.

In der neuen "Master"-Staffel sind enthalten:

Basilisk by Robert Whitelock
Vienna finds herself prisoner on a warship. Private contractors working with the military's scientific division want her to help them resurrect the Master. Why? Because they need a guide into the bowels of a nameless planet... and the Master is their man.

Axos Rising by Barnaby Kay
The Master and Vienna are joined at the hip as they head into the alien labyrinth. But deadlier things than ancient booby-traps await them. Deep in the subterranean darkness, they discover the terrifying entity that has been waiting for millennia to be set free. Vienna is horrified... but the Master knows an opportunity when he sees one.

Hellbound by Robert Valentine
With the countdown ticking, the Master and Vienna are desperate to escape, but if Axos gets loose, the entire galaxy is doomed. Vienna needs a miracle, and perhaps she's found one. But probably not the miracle she was expecting.

Von "Master" sind bisher erschienen:
Quelle: Big Finish Productions